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Unable to run iso's
@JPAdmin, thanks for jumping in and verifying the problem. All my machines run Linux Mint 20.1 and Unetbootin isn't available anymore. I haven't used Windows since Win7. I put Win10 on the Ventoy USB as a "just in case". Any other suggestions?
[Image: TLnFHNV.jpg]
(06-04-2021, 01:00 PM)longpanda Wrote: For  standard (unmodified) Windows 20H2 install ISO, you can try WIMBOOT mode.

If I try the WIMBOOT option on the Win10 install....  It Decompresses... (about 40 seconds)

Then it gets to a screen "Booting wim file..... (This may take a few minutes, please wait)"

I've waited over 10 minutes.   System seems to be stuck there.

Using the WIMBOOT option on my custom WinPE image....  I just get a black screen.....  Nothing else...

I've also tried Ventoy ISO boot with Kali Linux and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS ISOs...   Both behave the same with the T450s and T550 (black screen, doesn't load into the OS provided in the ISO).  Those ISOs work without issue on other laptop models.   Really seems to be something quirky about the Lenovo Tx50 series computers that Ventoy doesn't like.
JPAdmin, my experience is the same on both of my T550's.
[Image: TLnFHNV.jpg]

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