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Unable to boot in UEFI mode with 256Gb SSD
I have tryed to install ventoy into a 8Gb USB stick with some ISO and everything works fine I can boot into UEFI mode or Legacy mode. So because it's works fine i have buy an external case for my M.2 SSD that I don't use (cause of the upgrade of my PC) and I have installed Ventoy into it and I put the same ISOs as those are in my 8Gb USB stick. I reboot my PC and press f11 to enter into the Boot drive select and here nothing appears apart the OS installed on my internal drive. So I change the UEFI mode to Legacy and select my SSD with ventoy to boot and it's worke fine.

Did someone know why Ventoy doesn't work in UEFI mode with my 256Gb SSD but it's works fine with 8Go USB stick ?

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Unable to boot in UEFI mode with 256Gb SSD - by Nimon77 - 06-14-2020, 09:28 PM

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