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Persistence is Inonsistent
Here is a screen shot of my ventoy directory on a usb memory stick:
And here is a screen shot of the ventoy.json file:
All of the .dat files were generated by and then copied to the ventoy directory and the names change as you see them. When booting from the usb memory stick, all of the ventoy menus look and function as they should. The Kbuntu iso starts and runs as expected and configuration changes are stored and remembered at the next startup, as expected.
The Ubuntu iso will not start up using the persistence file. It will start and run without persistence. All of the others start up and run with their persistence files, but no configuration changes are remembered on the next boot.
What am I doing wrong?
1. For ubuntu iso, did it prompt you to select whether to use a persistence file or not before booting?
2. Only distros in are supported now.
I guess I forgot about the compatibility issue. However, Ubuntu (on the list) doesn't work and Kbuntu (not on the list) does work?? Yes. The menus all provide the "with" and "without" options.
Ubuntu persistence works perfectly. You can download created image files from
I downloaded a backend file from the link and substituted it for the one I had there for Ubuntu. And, you are correct, it works perfectly. I wonder why the one I generated from "" didn't work.
I assume there is not currently a workable backend for OpenSuse?? A copy of the one used with Ubuntu doesn't work.
Supported Distros
Ubuntu and those distros based on them. Tested list: (Updating) :

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