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Multiple W7 iso does't work

I have an issue with ventoy 1.0.12.

My multiple Windows 7 x64 iso (home basic, premium, pro., ultimate) with USB 3.0 driver doesn't work, it show after loaded the files an error message:

winload.exe could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrumpt (see pic. 1).
I have similar error message on EUFI but with winload.efi this time.

If I try to boot only with the boot.wim file, the setup begin but I have the pop up:
A CD/DVD driver is mising.. (On Intel Z97, Even on USB 2.0 port).

This iso work with yumi multiple windows installer bootmgr or wimboot option (see pic. 2).
I think the problem is to Ventoy doesn't support any multiple Windows 7 iso.

On Ventoy, single W7 iso and multiple W10 iso work well.

Tested on old intel laptop (BIOS), intel Z97 desktop (BIOS + UEFI) and virtualbox vm.

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It will be great if your add an option to ventoy for extract all the iso files into one folder on the USB key and use those files for booting (as yumi does).
Ventoy will be more compatible with some iso like multiple Windows 7 instalers or tools like medicat.

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