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[SOLVED] Ventoy update/upgrade
Well, I seem to have solved this problem, inspired by KaMyKaSii instructions. Cool

Here's what I did:

  1. I created an updated Ventoy liveUSB and put a Linux (Mint) ISO on it;
  2. I booted the afected PC with this USB;
  3. I ran GParted and deleted the SDD's Ventoy partition ('/dev/sda2' above, but only after copying it to the unallocated free space via right click copy & paste, just in case something went wrong);
  4. I copied the liveUSB Ventoy partition ('/dev/sdc2' in my case) to the space freed in 3.
  5. I set the boot and esp flags on the newly created '/dev/sda2' via GParted context menu.
After rebooting, everything seems to be working as expected with Ventoy displaying "[Unofficial Ventoy] | 1.0.22 UEFI" in the lower left corner of the menu.

So no more delays or awkward warning messages* -- the only quirk being that UEFI part; although this computer is UEFI enabled, I'm running everything in legacy MBR mode... I think. Undecided

*) For details on this, see
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