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Windows 7 installation bug 1.0.21
after the 1st stage of installing windows 7, after copying the files after the first restart of the computer, it will boot from the USB flash drive and press f4 to search and boot windows to continue the installation, then the installation will not complete successfully and will give an error later windows setup could not configure windows to run on this hardware. But if you manage to immediately remove the USB flash drive after the first reboot, so that Windows itself goes to the second stage of installation, then everything is installed well. The bug is only Windows 7 different images, on 8.1 and 10 Windows the bug does not appear.
It's something about BIOS drive number(0x80 0x81).
So I suggest that, you shuold set the HDD as the 1st default boot option.
If you want to boot into Ventoy, you must press some hotkey (e.g. F12) to select USB boot option.
So after the 1st reboot, you don't press any key, it will auto boot into hdd.

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