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Change default Image Folder
is there a way to change the default iso image folder with a script?
ISO images can be anywhere on the DATA partition, in any folder or all folders.  VENTOY digs them out and displays them accordingly.

I keep ALL my ISOs in a folder on the 1st partition named "/BOOTISOS" since starting use of VENTOY! 

Reason: ALL my ISO are centrally located and easily spotted in my search. AND, I also use a bootmanager ISO SuperGRUB2 that finds ISOs in that folder as well. Thus BOTH VENTOY and SuperGRUB2 finds and list ISOs for booting!

You are free to make your own choice.
Smile Happy to learn how to ...
(09-15-2020, 02:13 PM)Panarchy Wrote: is there a way to change the default iso image folder with a script? you can specify which folder to check for isos/img in to increase speeds for long lists and exclude looking in other folders without using a .ventoyignore files by adding global control plugin option lines to your ventoy.json like follows, just change "/ISO" to any other folder on part 1. I named mine "Catalog". 
    "control": [

I have seen it mentioned that some would like to boot from iso not on the usb device but instead from a computers folder but not sure if it was ever accomplished. Maybe another global control plugin can be added in the future such as "VTOY_DEFAULT_SEARCH_LOCAL_ROOT" with another starting prefix like true / or current one expanded somehow to allow specifiying a folder like /sda7/manjaro/Desktop/ventoyisofolder?

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