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Uninstall Ventoy from pen drive
Hi! Everybody,
                    I've recently started using Ventoy and instantly became an ardent fan of the app. Although the functionality of the app is unique & also being aware that it supports a limited number of ISO files at present, I still have a couple of queries. How to uninstall Ventoy from the pen drive once installed (Just in case if I need to) because formatting the pen drive does not erase Ventoy from it? I use Terabyte Image For Dos & Image for Windows along with Terabyte Windows Pre-Environment and Recovery Environment for my OS backup. IFD & IFW simply get circumvented as if they do not exist on the pen drive & Pre and Recovery ISOs' behavior is very erratic i.e. most of the times it hangs my PC & at times they work flawlessly, (after booting the system 4-5 times), why so? Looking forward to a positive reply from the learned people. Thanks

My PC Configuration:

Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus Elite

Ram: G-Skill 16 GB @3200 Mega Hertz

SSD: Western Digital M.2 NVME 500 GB

SMPS: Thermaltech 650 Watts

Boot System: MBR/UEFI Both are supported

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