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[Question] Can I install an OS to a Ventoy device?
CsIxy Wrote:
KaMyKaSii Wrote: Can you say in what device you put to install the bootloader during the Mint installation? Or do you think it don't matter as you are booting it with Ventoy's grub?

CsIxy Wrote:Linux Mint was installed in UEFI mode on the reserved 32 gigabyte sda3 partition of the GPT partition table Ventoly device.

I booted the installer in UEFI mode.

During installation, they were mounted on /dev/sda3 as / and /dev/sda2 as /boot/efi. /dev/sda has been selected as the boot device.

CsIxy Wrote:Before installation, I saved the /BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI file on the VTOYEFI partition and after installation I overwrote it to its original location, overwriting the newer file.

Thanks for your input, CsIxy. I'll be sure to report back if I can make it work... Cool

Also noted: your request at

P.S.: People, for what can easily be seen above, please don't use the forum quotes -- it's way too MESSY! Copy and paste instead. Idea

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