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Upgrade request for Ventoy

I do understand the very good benefit the script and EXE file do for us as it creates the Ventoy device. 

But, the options when running these are NOT saved upon Ventoy device creation. And the user MUST REMEMBER those options whenever the user upgrades Ventoy from one release to the next.

Would the Ventoy developers consider saving a configuration/options file, either hidden or exposed, on Partition #2 of the Ventoy device?

If this is the case, on subsequent updates, there is no possibility that any user would get it wrong going from one release to another. Worst case in the Windows version, if Ventoy sees the 2nd partition, it could display the prior options that was used so a user would know what was done before...although I, personally, see little need for that. But, Ventoy could used the prior options as the default unless the user overrides some options from before.

If an implementation is forthcoming, all new upgrades would merely be:
" - U /dev/ventoy-unit" and similar for a command-line .exe program
Thus the prior Ventoy bootable options would be read from the Ventoy unit. When the prior options are maintained, simply reading the configuration file from partition #2, the update to the new version will occur correctly, with nothing overlooked.

Hope this is helpful
Smile Happy to learn how to ...

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