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Using ventoy to install opensense[error in mounting CD/DVD-device]
Hey Guys,
i'll try to use Ventoy to install my firewallsoftware opensense. first it boots correctly, but at one time its looking for an CD/DVD-ROM device to mount, at this point it breaks up because Ventoy maybe does not emulate this correct?
opensense is based on freeBSD and starts at a live-system at the first point there looks it good after the bootscreen of opensense you can chose to boot up as single user or multiuser system or an rescue mode (if i remember correctly) at this point is anything ok.
After it starts to bootup it goes into the live mode and fails at the point when it mounts up the filesystem from the CD/DVD-ROM it fails because there is no hardware CD/DVD to find and no CD/DVD-ROM device.

after all, i love it to use ventoy because i have less time with flashing an iso to USB stick anymore so please work on it more it's the best tool i have ever found on the web!



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