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Mixed results with FATDOG Linux ISO on HP AIO
I have tested the following:
  • Software: FATDOG
  • ISO: Fatdog64-810.iso
  • File size: 444MB
  • Download:
  • Boot:
    - Ventoy v1.0.15 on USB 2.0 8GB stick created with options "-s" & MSDOS
  • Platforms tested:
    - HP AIO Touch (G020,8GB RAM)
  •       - 1st tests - UEFI Secure Boot disabled
  •       - 2nd tests - UEFI Secure Boot enabled
I had issues with each set of test.     

Most notably is that NONE of my 2nd testing resulted in success UNTIL I changed 1st Ventoy USB partition from ExFAT to EXT2, reloaded the ISOs and, now, FATDOG registers and boots. This was NOT an issue with the ISO file's checksum as it remains the same on either of the filesystems used.
(Updates to this post will follow)
Smile Happy to learn how to ...

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