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[SOLVED] Making Windows To Go bootable with Ventoy
(04-08-2021, 12:54 PM)Midas Wrote: @meilon: I haven't tested any of it but you pointed at the problem yourself -- Windows will not boot off an exFAT partition, which Ventoy uses by default.

You need to manually format the first partition of your USB drive as NTFS after installing Ventoy for Windows to boot.
Apologies for going a bit off topic, how would you change the partition to NTFS. I assume you mean split the exFAT partition and have the NTFS for windows?
You would back up all of the contents of the partition, delete the partition, make a new NTFS partition, then copy the contents back from a backup.

Just looked and unfortunately grubfm is no longer maintained, did anyone take up the mantle and fork it?

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