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Some suggestions
First of all, Ventoy is awesome!  Heart

Congratulations for the project and a big THANK YOU for publishing it for free under GPL license. Big Grin


1. The option to reserve a space for additional partitions could be more proeminent in the installer. As per my understanding, reserving a space in a form the 1st partition stays under 137 GB prevents that legacy BIOS access range limitation problem (what is not mentioned in that documentation page). Maybe instead an "Option" menu, all the settings could be visible in the main area of the app, bellow the boxes that show package/device Ventoy version.

2. It would be great if the files we have to put under ventoy directory in 1st partition (like ventoy.json and ventoy_wimboot.img) could be located under ventoy (or other) directory in 2nd partition instead. This way the 1st partition would be totally free of Ventoy data (allowing easier formatting to a different filesystem with no need to back up and restore the ventoy directory). Big plus if scripts and persistence files could also be located in 2nd partition (the installer could offer an option to select desired size of 2nd partition to easier accomodate the persistence files or we could manually resize 2nd partition after install).

3. I was unable to center align the hotkey tips hbox and memdisk hbox in grub theme. I was able to achieve the result I wanted using regular labels instead:

+ label {
  top = 92%
  left = 25%
  width = 50%
  align = "center"
  text = "@VTOY_MEM_DISK@"
  color = "white"

+ label {
  top = 95%
  left = 25%
  width = 50%
  align = "center"
  text = "@VTOY_HOTKEY_TIP@"
  color = "white"

It would be cool if ventoy_width and ventoy_align were available options in ventoy.json and it were displayed as a regular label (in case it is not yet) so center align would work.

4. I have been playing with Chrome OS (Brunch Framework, to be more precise) and one of their install options is to create a disk image (.img) in a ext4 or ntfs partition and boot from it by adding to grub an entry like this:

menuentry "Chrome OS"{
        search --no-floppy --set=root --file $img_path
        loopback loop $img_path
        linux (loop,gpt7)/kernel boot=local noresume noswap loglevel=7 disablevmx=off \
            cros_secure cros_debug loop.max_part=16 img_part=$img_part img_path=$img_path
        initrd (loop,gpt7)/initramfs.img

I have added it to the grub install I already have on another disk and it worked fine but it would be cool if Ventoy allowed custom entries like this to be added to it's own grub manually, so we could boot Chrome OS (and other images similarly) with no need to have grub in another disk.

That's all - for now Tongue

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