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Auto Installation plugin Improvement

I have an idea to improve the Auto Installation plugin for Windows to include the possibility to copy $OEM$ folders to the iso when it is in use (like an autounattended.xml), with the possibility to propose multiple $OEM$ folders for ISOs (like the xml way in the json).

That way, this opens the possibility to include parameters, apps, etc to an unattended installation with a completly untouched Windows ISO.

Thanks in advance!
I am designing another plugin which can be called injection plugin or other similar name.

With this plugin, you can inject something into the installation envrioment. This can be useful to inject  drivers/scripts/.... into the runtime envrioment after boot.

For example, Windows .sys drivers, Linux .KO drivers, shell script, bat script, winpeshl.ini, ......  There are many imaginable spaces here.
Wow, that's really nice!!

Do you have an estimation on which release that useful plugin will be available?
It will be in Ventoy-1.0.16.
Wow thanx longpanda!
Ventoy is very nice, continue like that!

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