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One of three machines - Ventoy menu unreadable and cursor movement irratic
On one of my systems the Ventoy menu appears all blurry and the cursor - you can't tell what is selected.  Same UFD works great on my other two systems.

So after creating my Ventoy UFD using V10.014,  I went into its VTOYEFI partition and added a text file to both its root and in its Ventoy folder, named ventoy.json, hoping to tell it to display the menu in TEXT mode (CLI).  It had no effect.  If at the Ventoy menu, I press c and type in terminal_output console (enter) then press ESC I do get the text menu.  What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

My ventoy.json file is a text file; it contains:

    "theme": {
        "file": "/ventoy/theme/blur/theme.txt",
        "gfxmode": "640x480",
        "display_mode": "CLI",
        "ventoy_left": "5%",
        "ventoy_top": "95%",
        "ventoy_color": "#0000ff",
        "fonts": [
Not the VTOYEFI partition, VTOYEFI is part2, you should put the json file in part1 (the bigger partition which you save your ISO files)
Create a ventoy directory by your self and put ventoy.json under ventoy directory (both are case sensitive)

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