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【Solved】Boot options through ventoy.json ?
Hello and thank you for this great tool ! It really meets a need, and in such an elegant way.

My question is somehow related to the recent "advanced boot options" thread. Having no technical skills to understand Ventoy internals or json stuff, I was amazed at the persistence plugin, because it manages to boot as if a "persistent" option had been passed.
As you pointed, user can always enter boot options after ISO has been launched, and probably must do so to *remove* options (like "quiet"); but it can be a crippling task for beginners, moreover if they have to enter the options with the wrong keyboard layout ! So, when making a "multi-distros demo key" with Ventoy, I dream I could just edit ventoy.json to pass something like : "locale=fr_BE console-setup/layoutcode=be" and/or "toram".
Would it be possible in a future release ?
Sorry, this is almost impossible to implement.
All the boot options are written in the config file of the ISO file and many boot options are used be kernel.

Why persistent work? Because persistent is not a param for kernel, it's used by the init script and need to do customized process for different distos.
Thanks for your reply. There could be a tricky way but, once again, I am lacking skills to see if it makes sense. In the old days, I remember using a DOS command interpreter named "NDOS" with a feature named "keystack" (ancestor of this). So I did a web search and found GRUB sendkey. It seems limited and not always effective, but suited for the job (only inserting delays is missing, compared to "keystack"). One may consider this ugly but that would just be a plugin option, not affecting Ventoy main beauty : direct use of untouched ISO files.
I discovered and tested the new "Boot conf replace" plugin, and it fullfilled my wish ! Once again, in such a clean and elegant way : after copying an ISO on a Ventoy key, I just launched 'mc' to extract cfg files on the same key and edit them.
I also noticed that CAElinux maintainer recommends the use of Ventoy (
Even if it is often too technical for me, the pace of Ventoy improvements is amazing; thanks again.
Yes, Boot Conf Replace plugin can be used to dynamically modify boot options.

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