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 How to exit (quit) Ventoy
Hello everybody,
Introducing: I'm new in this forum and last month I didn't even know what the word "Linux" meant... I am learning this world.
And I discovered Ventoy ! I join the millions of people who have already said how excellent it is.
So, please be understanding if what I'm saying here could be well known to everyone...except to me.

Currently I'm having fun with theme and I've noted the recommended " tap 'c' and 'exit' " on dozens of forums (it doesn't really suit me).
In fact, in normal use one never (rarely) needs to quit Ventoy... Except when testing theme creations, where you do it 100 times a day.

Then, from this 'exit' word, I've also discovered 2 other magic ones: 'halt' and 'reboot'.
{- I don't really know why one doesn't talk about it more ? Is it disruptive for the Ventoy process to use them ?
- I seem to have understood that they risk to close all current sessions ? But I'm alone on my PC ? Also, I haven't launched any distro yet ?
Note: I also tried 'shutdown' and 'poweroff' words used in Grub, but without result}

Anyway, here is still a full way to quit, not as fast as " tap 'c' ", but it's graphical mode and just "for the pleasure" of using what exists (and also what Mr. Ventoy has spent so much effort to offer to us). This uses the 'ventoy_grub.cfg' via 'F6/exMenu'.

This is long version, using 'submenu'...
In fact, I don't have any other commands in it yet, one can also place these commands in "primary menu" level and then rewrite 'F6/exMenu' title in simply "F6/Exit" ?

Watch out: the “Oops!” container is useful to protect against excessive {Enter} key typing (if not, when arriving into menu, you risk to exit without wanting it).
The "Ho Ho Ho" containers are facultative, to separate the block from other commands (if any).

==== (Sorry, I have tried to use "CODE" decoration, but...) ====

menuentry ' ' --class=custom {
echo 'Ho Ho Ho'
submenu 'Quit Ventoy Program -->' --class=customsub {
  menuentry ' ' --class=custom2 {
  echo 'Oops !'
menuentry ' --> Exit and Return to BIOS Boot Shell' --class=custom2 {
  echo 'Bye Bye... You are redirected to BIOS Boot Shell…'
  sleep 2
menuentry ' --> Exit and Reboot the system' --class=custom2 {
  echo 'See you soon... System is rebooting…'
  sleep 2
menuentry ' --> Complete Shutdown' --class=custom2 {
  echo 'Bye Bye.. System is shuting down…'
  sleep 2
menuentry '<-- Return to previous menu [Esc]' --class=vtoyret VTOY_RET {
  echo 'return...'
menuentry ' ' --class=custom {
echo 'Ho Ho Ho'

menuentry '<-- Return to previous menu [Esc]' --class=vtoyret VTOY_RET {
echo 'Return …'

=========== END ===========

I hope it will please someone as newbie as me.
Thanks for reading

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