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 proxmox v8.2
will there be suppiort for proxmox 8.2 on ventoy
There is a workaround for proxmox in easy2boot and agFM/grubFM for UEFI
ProxMox 8.2 ISO - boot using partnew\e2b. At proxmox grub2 menu, select an Install menu entry and press 'e' key. Then edit grub2 menu to insert  lvm2root=/dev/sdX4  just before 'rw' and press F10 to boot. e.g. /dev/sdb4 if USB is sdb

So maybe you could boot the grubfm_multiarch ISO via Ventoy and then use the grubfm menu system to boot to proxmox using the lvm2root hack?

When using e2b or grubfm, use /dev/sda4 because partition 4 will contain the iso contents,
I have tested on an MBR Ventoy USB drive with UEFI64 boot (not tested GPT USB drive)

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