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 Injection in live WinPE fails in .wim images

I use ventoy-1.0.97 on Windows 10 22H2 (19045.4170).

I wanted to test the injection plugin in live OS using .wim, namely the Mini_Windows_10_v21.12.wim taken from medicat.

For that, I just used the template from github mentioned here: to create the archive. I didn’t touch or edit any file in it.
Here is the content of the archive:
[Image: VXZW3yJ.png]

Then, I added the injection entry point in ventoy.json using VentoyPlugson.exe such as :

"injection": [
"image": "/ventoy/_ISO/Live_OS/Mini_Windows_10_v21.12.wim",
"archive": "/ventoy/_ISO/windows_injection.7z"

The paths are OK.

But when I start the Mini_Windows_10_v21.12_VTNORMAL.wim and explore the X:\ directory, there are no X:\VentoyAutoRun.log or VentoyAutoRun.bat or X:\Windows\system32\test.txt

Can it work with .wim images ?

No mention is made of a WIM file ???

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