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 [] ventoy usb boot - Lenovo Thinkpad AMD issue - ventoy 1.0.97
Hello Steve2926,

you are the best.

Quote:P.S. Presumably you have tried all Ventoy boot options?

No, i have never done, but now:

[Image: gEYIIHw.jpeg]

[Image: H3QOJ8a.jpeg]

[Image: BoCuz4z.jpeg]

Many thank's for your support.


Problem with


I get with error message:

[Image: 0zeI3Yy.jpeg]


Boot in normal mode  ---> only black scree, white curser

Boot in grub2 mode ---> No bootfile found for UEFI!

Boot in medisk mode ---> Loading ISO file to memory .... ---> only black scree, white curser

The AcronisBootableMedia2021-39287.iso works with a easy2boot xyz system and anoother UEFI Intel Thinkpad.

Easy2Boot 2.20 working AcronisBootableMedia2021-39287.iso, choice

[Image: a7aJj85.jpeg]

How can i solve the problem?
Probably a Ventoy issue?
Use grubfm_multiarch.iso and then boot to Acronis ISO from grubfm.
AcronisBootableMedia2021-39287.iso issue

I'm copy the grubfm_multiarch.iso to my ventoy 1.0.97 device.

[Image: tIJzUm7.jpeg]

Choice options
[Image: 8LE1Dhq.jpeg]

Choice: Boot in normal mode ---  I get a whit non blinking cursor

Cohoice: Boot in grub2 mode --- I get ----->

[Image: msowm8f.jpeg]

Did you have a solution for the problem?

TEST grubfm_multiarch.iso standalone

[Image: LNOrNnh.jpeg]

If i use the grubfm_multiarch.iso standalone USB flash device, created with balenaEtcher-1.18.11-x64.appimage,
i can start the AcronisBootableMedia2021-39287.iso without problem on my Thinkpad P16v AMD.

2020 grubfm_multiarch.iso

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