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 Version 1.096 issue boot from iso from hardisk
Hi Ventoy users,
I've got some trouble with Ventoy actually using 1.096 version.
I did the usb key as usual in linux using the
So I boot my pc ( Intel desktop I3 8gb RAM 6th gen with Nvidia graph card ) using UEFI
I try to boot .iso from fixed hardisk 3Tb , from a ext4 partition 100Gb
I try to boot
Debian 12 ( result as first.jpg)
Fedora Worksation 39 ( result as 2nd.jpg )

I think those are simple distros to run , but I can't boot them, as normal copying the two isos on usb key,
they run normally.
I hope my debug will help to improve Ventoy success.

Could you try that when booting Ventoy in UEFI mode (choose UEFI option for your USB stick)? Or if you did that, try non-UEFI option?

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