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 Ventoy doesn't boot correctly to my old pc

I have an old pc and i want to install the win11 at this but ventoy doesn't boot correctly.

It bring me that final screen after finish load the usb-hdd i create with the latest version of ventoy.

[Image: Ventoy-issue.jpg]

Can you please fix this?
Some old PCs have a USB BIOS bug, they cannot access sectors past 128GB - is your USB HDD bigger than 128GB?
No one knows any fix for this?
Even at latest 1.0.97 this issue DOESN'T FIXED????
If you use Ventoy with a small USB and it boot fine, then it may because of your computer BIOS bug.
If your BIOS has the big hard disk bug you can sometimes patch it. You will need to use Google Translate on the website (from Russian to whatever language you prefer), find the latest BIOS for your computer, use the autopatcher to patch it, and then flash it. Keep in mind there is a bypass key that lets you load unmodified BIOS even after you patched it. Find which key that is in case something doesn't go right.

I used to use this site on my old GA-6BXD motherboard and it worked like a charm.

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