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I've tried adding the autounattend to both the root of the ventoy drive (have not tried the ventoy boot partition yet just the iso data partition) and the root of the DVD iso file.  Both methods work without using ventoy but fail when using ventoy.  Am I doing something wrong?  I have added Windows PE configuration pass settings and need the answer file to load with the boot environment.  Would loading a command prompt from within the windows PE environment and specifiying the answer file work if the answer file was on the ventoy data partition?  Tried searching the forum but looks like json editing is in order.  Is this correct?  Thanks in advance for any help.

Looks like the json file configuration worked. Slightly confusing but I copied your json example and changed it for my file nomenclature. I thought for sure adding the autounattend to the root of the iso would work though but it would not even load, just kicked me back to the ventoy selection menu. Can a single iso have multiple autounattend files?
You simply add all your XML files to the json file (e.g. using ventoy plugson app) and then Ventoy can prompt you to pick one when a particular ISO is selected.

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