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 MX-23.1_386 does not start
I have a problem with (the newest) MX-Linux for x86-systems. It does not start, maybe does not find files.
For an old Laptop with 32bit-CPU I have downloaded the newest MX-ISO: MX-23.1_386.iso (from Ventoy is the newest 1.0.96. Other ISOs - e.g. Knoppix, Linux Mint, AOMEI-backupper are starting.
I have tried on 1/2 dozend PC, and always the same: Depending on the CPU with or w/o the mandatory option/cheat "forcepae" and disabling "quiet" and enabling the boot-messages: After a lot of booting-messages and
"Loading hardware specific modules ..."
some red error-messages appeared, beginning with
"insmod: can´t insert '/ventoy /mnt/squashfs/lib/modules/': unknown symbol in module or invalid parameter"
"/prog/misc: No entry for device-mapper found"
and ending with
"b Block device"
"c or u Character device"
"p Namend pipe (MAJOR and MINOR are ignored)"
Followed by the message
"Scan usb,cd devices. Look for boot file(s) antiX/linuxfs"
"Filtered devices /dev/mapper/ventoy /dev/sr0"
"Retry for 15 seconds "
and then
"Fatal error"
"Could not find file antiX/linuxfs"
"Searched devices: /dev/mapper/ventoy /dev/sr0"
"Searched types: usb,cd"
"All block devices: /devsr0 /dev/sda3 /dev/sda2 dev/sda1 /dev/sda"
Then it stops and gives the choice to shutdown or reboot.
No difference when testing with "modern" PC and the default start-command-line.
What is the problem, what can I do?
Edit: I have additional tested the previous version MX-21.3_386 and this is starting (in normal mode) and working.
For me It work correctly in ventoy!
But you can try with
Copy this ISO on your ventoy partition, boot ventoy then boot ISO downloaded and now boot your MX.iso from grubfm.
Tested ok
Do you also use the MX-23.1_386 and the newest Ventoy?
As mentioned I have tested it with some PC and always this problem appears.

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