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 Windows could not prepare the computer to boot
Hello,  I use ventoy on Ssd through SATA/USB dongle. Installing Linux works, but when I try to install Windows, I can't. The ventoy drive is visible in windows installator(it never was when I was using pendrive) and when selecting partition (not the ventoy drive partition) and clicking "next" an error appears Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation.
To solve this error you need to unplug unnecessary drives, but I can't as windows iso is on my drive

Newest Ventoy version, GPT UEFI, Windows 10, 11 and Server 2016 ISOs
Do you mean you get this error in Windows Setup?
The usual reason is that you have booted in UEFI mode (Ventoy will say EFI if you booted in UEFI mode or BIOS if you booted in legacy MBR BIOS mode).

So if you boot to Windows Setup in UEFI mode the disk that you install to (or internal boot disk) must be partitioned as a GPT disk (internal HDD/SSD = GPT).
If you booted to Windows Setup in legacy BIOS mode then the target disk (or internal boot disk) must be partitioned as MBR/legacy.

If those two things do not match then either reboot in the other mode (e.g. press F8, F11, F12 and select USB boot in other mode) or CLEAN the disk by deleting all partitions and allow Windows Setup to make new partitions.
The drive was GPT partitioned, and booted in UEFI mode but I fixed it by formatting the drive with ventoy as MBR - it was formatted in GPT earlier, but now it just installs without any errors. Ventoy drive is still visible in the setup, but I can install Windows normally, you can close the thread.

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