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 Windows support and persistent data
I know the program is designed primarily for Linux Live but it would be VERY useful to add native support for data persistence so that you can install/update programs as well as save files.
Persistent files should be visible by connecting the pendrive to another computer, similar to DosBox.
Another thing I would love is the ability to run Windows. I am not talking about burning the iso to usb so that I can install Windows on the computer, but to install Windows directly to usb so that I can have a portable environment across multiple computers that can recognize the computer hardware, at least if it is intel/nvidia based.
What you want is VHD(x) file. You can do some research.
Refer here
Ventoy can do perfectly all you want: persistence for Linux and boot also vhd files.
You have to read all documentation from ventoy home Page .
And you have to search on web how to create windows
To go in vhd file.
It' s all!!!

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