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 Will Persistent be possible using Ventoy installed on the HDD?
My dear illustrious Leaders and Senior Members of Ventoy,

I have used Ventoy to boot several Live ISOs and am really impressed by its performance. I am a new member to the ventoy forums, having registered only yesterday.

Having used Knoppix since 2007 and being enamoured by the System, I gradually learnt to boot from the Live ISO and also have a persistent set up, that is, I could add or remove packages and data from the system, using another partition to save the files required for the altered set up. I works wonderfully for me still.

My only problem is that the leaders I knew and interacted with are no longer active. They were very aged already, so I fear for the worst. It appears that none has taken up the project from Prof. Klaus Knopper, which is really sad. The forum is no longer as active as it was.

This persistence of Knoppix (or puppy Linux) never fails to amaze me. If Ventoy could support booting from a Live ISO, it could perhaps also help with persistence using another HDD partition for such persistence, like knoppix did.

I have a couple of posts in the Knoppix forums that has this idea of persistence captured.
The most important file for using persistent in Knoppix:

with one line within the file:


Assume that the knoppix iso is extracted in the ext4 partition /dev/sda2 and persistent is planned to be in the ext4 partition /dev/sda3 within a directory /KNOPPIX-DATA. I will quote from the aforesaid post:

Quote:If you want to use your ext4 partition (guessing it's /dev/sda3) as persistent storage for Knoppix, you must create a file /dev/sda2/KNOPPIX/knoppix-data.inf with this content:


This tells Knoppix to mount partition 3 on this hard disk on mountpoint /KNOPPIX-DATA as an ext4 file system. ...

The above post in knoppix forum and the other:
helps in setting up a persistent drive with the ISO as the base. The set up makes the system very very fast in comparison to the usual HDD set up.

The following page could be looked into regarding steps to prepare for creating such ISO CD:
Knoppix Remastering Howto

I am sure that this adventure would be embarked upon for any Live ISO.

Best wishes,
An FSF and a GNU-Linux enthusiast
I post as rajibando in Knoppix forums and bkpsusmitaa in the Debian forums and MLs

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