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 Centos guides Ventoy
[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.85)]I installed Ventoy on a hard drive and kept a portion of the size. On this portion of the size, I used the installed Ventoy to install a Centos system. Now, the partition of this hard drive is as follows[/color]
[Image: WEB26bf0b4dbffc4114cbabb489fbd4634a?meth...f032d05519]

Now I want to add a Ventoy menu during Centos boot, so that I can re-enter Ventoy and correctly read the ISO files stored in the sdb1 partition, so that I can reinstall the system. Is there any solution. My device can boot with BIOS and EFI. If possible, please provide me with examples of these two. Thank you
[Image: WEB6f6ab80006bf72f36ad65760e71d5b5f?meth...0d8a2e9c37]
You will need to edit the ISO and its default boot entries, by adding a GRUB entry to point to the boot partition of your Ventoy USB.
You rename grub.cfg in the CentosOS grub folder to grubOS.cfg then update ventoy, reboot the computer, ventoy is loaded and booted, select a winpe.iso to load into winpe and open ventoy's grub.cfg, add at the end of the command line file: source "path to file grubOS.cfg/grubOS.cfg"

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