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 Ventoy in Hyper-V and testing VHD/VHDx Images
Hello guys,

First i would like to thank you for awesome tool that you have created Heart . It's almost perfect way of creating rescue usb stick or disk with all essential tools that you need along the way. Not to mention other features like menu customization and so on...

Anyway for few days i was messing around with Ventoy VHD or VDHx boot from exFAT or NTFS partition but non of them was working, until i finnaly managed to boot one no mater partition type. I will post video tutorial on how to do that in few days. 

What i was unable to boot was Win 10 XPE or any other rescue image. I can boot it in Hyper-V directly but from Ventoy i get an critical error so that is still to be tested. Maybe there is issue in BDC config since XPE is booting from ram so maybe my settings are wrong. If you have BDC settings suggestion let me know.

Meanwhile you can watch Ventoy in action.  

What is your win10XPE download link? I want to test it

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