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 Hash Enrollment: No GRUBx64.EFI to Select in Menu
Regarding secure boot, the guide posted on Ventoy's website detailing the steps for Hash Enrollment show that we should select GRUBx64.EFI.

What if GRUBx64.EFI is not an option in your list? Is this based on the .EFI file that is likely used by the system you are booting Ventoy from? If so, I'm using Windows 10, so I assume I should select BOOTX64.EFI, correct? If I select the wrong one, I assume it will allow me to go back in and change it.

Is it better to Enroll Key or Enroll Hash? Enroll Key seems to be straight forward on my laptop, but I just wanted to try the hash enrollment process.

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I got it to work by selecting Grub.

Now I'm trying to remove it by using the ventoy-delete-key-1.0.iso, but after the message "The Ventoy Key has been successfully marked for deletion", it reboots, but then loads Windows rather than the MOKManager that it says should load. So I can't finish the key removal process. I tried to use Boot in Grub2 mode but it gave an error: No bootfile found for UEFI! Maybe the image does not support x64 UEFI

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