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 F4:Localboot alternative method

Is there another method to activate the 'Local boot' option associated with the F4 key?

I've built a Ventoy based boot selector that runs on an ESP32 with serial interface, it allows you to select the menu item that you want to boot, then turns on the PC, waits for Ventoy to load, selects your boot choice, and presses return. This is all working as expected.

However, due to limitations of the serial protocol I cannot send Function Keys to Ventoy and I would like to impliment the 'Local boot' option.

I was wondering if maybe I could press a key to drop to a shell then activate the local boot functionality?

Many thanks


Just in case anyone else needs the answer to this question:

The F keys are mirrored to the regular number keys at the top of the keyboard, pressing 4 will open Local Boot.

Is this an undocumented feature?
Yes,  1 2 3 4... will map to F1 F2 F3 F4 ....
I forgot to document it.

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