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 Menu Folder
how to set a menu folder in ventoy. 

   Windows 10
   Windows 8
   Windows 7
 High Sierra
and so on
The Ventoy menu depends on the directory/file layout.
If you put different ISO files under different directories, then the menu can show the tree layout.
By default, the menu is in a long list mode, press F3 can switch to TreeView mode.
As longpanda said, you can put the ISO files into any folder structure you want.  Pressing F3 changes the view to tree view.

You can also run the VentoyPlugson.exe tool that is in the Ventoy installation package and go to the Global Control Plugin and change the entry for VTOY_DEFAULT_MENU_MODE to 1, which changes the default view to tree view.  I have done this, I have a few ISO files I use all the time in the root of the Ventoy drive and the rest in a folder called ISO and in several folders under that divvied up like you mention, Linux, Windows, WinPE, etc.  So when I boot to Ventoy on my USB drives I get quick access to the ones I use most often, then I can dive into the ISO folder and the subfolders beneath it to pick out less used ones.

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