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 This is not a valid ventoy device
Why do I get a This is not a valid ventoy device with error code 12 if I try to boot Ventoy from my Samsung T7 Shield after installing a Windows time machine software such as Eazy Fix from Eaz Solution or Rollback Rx from Horizon DataSys.  The software should only modify the MBR on the primary drive but it also modified the MBR on the USB drive and when I turn protection off it only restores the MBR on the primary drive but does not restore the MBR on the USB drive.  The MBR gets rewritten on both drives every time I turn protection on.  If I try to reinstall Ventoy to my USB drive while protection is turned on the install or update fails unless I turn protection off. I use GPT on both drives.
You just need to do a update operation to restore the MBR of the USB drive.
Even the update operation fails if I have Eazy Fix or Rollback Rx time machine software installed and activated because it protects its own MBR and the pre-OS subsystem from being tampered with.

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