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 Did Ventoy just brick my SSD?
I have a 1TB nvme SSD in an external USB enclosure on which I installed Ventoy using the Windows installer, also creating a 850GB partition for general use.  This I formatted to NTFS and assigned a drive letter.  I noted the Ventoy partition had been assigned a drive letter and I created just a folder on there for now.

I then ejected the drive and reconnected it.  The access light flashed about twice a second for maybe a minute then went off.  During this time Drive Manager showed nothing mounted then, after the access light went dark, an uninitialized disk was shown.  Attempted to initialise this gave the message "Virtual Disk Manager: Incorrect Function".

Any thoughts what's going on here and what my options are for 1. Getting my SSD back and 2. Getting Ventoy working.

After trying various tools in both Windows and Linux, to no avail, it was suggested to me that I try Disk Genius for Windows. This was able to see the underlying structure of the disk and delete all partitions. At which point it became visible and available for use in Disk Windows Manager.

NB. During my testing I had been able to boot off of the SSD (at least when it was attached directly to the motherboard) and perform basic ventoy functions. Though, clearly, not being able to mount the drive to load any ISOs onto it made it rather pointless like this Smile

Something about the ventoy setup process clearly made this drive hostile to both Windows and Linux.
What system are you using? What operating system are you using?

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