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 How to use Ventoy to boot Linux install?
I've set up a Ventoy USB with 3 extra partitions. Everything works great and I have several iso's installed in Ventoy's main partition.

I installed a Linux distro in the 3 extra partitions. The partition layout is /dev/sdd3 is an extended partition containing sda5, sda6, sda7, to get around a 4 partition limit using an MBR. The partitions are mounted as follows, /dev/sda4 is not setup,  /dev/sda5 is root, /dev/sda6 is swap, and /dev/sda7 is home.

I can chroot into the Linux install, and boot it from SystemRescue's iso grub menu option findroot.

However, when booting into it using SystemRescue, it uses SystemRescue's kernel rather than the Arch kernel in the install.

I've looked into a way to manually configure Ventoy's grub, but cannot even find a conventional grub.cfg file.

Is it possible what I'm trying to do, boot a Linux distro installed on the same USB as Ventoy?

If not, I may try to manually setup a grub boot USB to boot multi iso's, and have Ventoy installed within it. However this option would be much more work than leveraging Ventoy's boot loader.


Ok, just figured out the grub.cfg file is on the 2nd Ventoy partition. I mounted it and am currently exploring...


Added a menu entry to grub.cfg and it shows up on starting Ventoy. Now if I can figure out how get Ventoy to mount the partitions, should be no problem to have grub boot it.

Problem is, Ventoy is booting (one of several?) images, so extracting, editing and re-compressing is a bit of work. I'm sure there would be an easier way to implement this without editing one of the OS images, but I just don't yet know how all these external files work.
You can use this plugin:

But you need to provide such a grub.cfg by yourself.

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