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 Can you Resize The Ventoy Partition
I have an External Portable Usb3 2TB SSD.
I have Ventoy installed on it and created a Ventoy Partition NTFS.
The Ventoy Partition has all my ISO's on it and is working just fine.
However I have Linux Mint ( linuxmint-21.1-cinnamon-64bit.iso ) also on that partition.
Now I have configured Mint for Persistence and it works just fine.
But when I Run Linux Mint , it tells me I am Running dangerously Low on Disk Space.
I can't figure out how to give it more Space.
I did just read on the net somewhere that there may be a way of providing a certain size to Linux When you are Creating The Ventoy Disk.
Can that be done now or would I have to Reinstall everything.
Or is there another way.
There is Plenty of Space on this 2tb ssd.
It's maybe something about the persistence dat file size.
You can use a big size persistence dat file for Linux Mint and retry.
Just use script to create a very big dat file for persistence.
Thanks ongpanda.
You know that may well just be the answer, I'll do some research.
Until now I have just used the ready made dat files.
I have never made one myself, the json thing looks very complicated to me.
Can you help me with that, because at the age of 75, easy things sometimes can be hard.
I still need help.
Somewhere I found this File persistence_ext4_4GB_casper-rw.dat.
I just need a Simple Way to Edit it.
I just want to Pump it up to say about 200GB.
That may be an Overkill but it's worth a try.
I can't do anything with it in linuxmint because it has run out of space.
And when I try to edit it using linuxmint live in Terminal  I get all sorts of errors and warnings and it doesn't recognize the file etc.
 Can it be Edited or Changed using Windows 10.
That would be a lot easier for me at present because that is my main O/S.

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