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 mod Ventoy Menu Tip Plugin(Design ventoy 1.0.86)
1. I present the changes in the plugin "menu_tip". Now "tip" can display messages with a length of 4000 English characters. Which is equivalent for many languages to about 2000 national symbols.
Screenshot of the ventoy.json file.

a)Added new parameters to the theme file theme.txt
  menu-tip-width: "33%" // label width - any number
  menu-tip-align: "right" // right, left, center
b)The spelling was corrected in ventoy.json : The "tip" parameter is written in one line. If you need to forcibly transfer a string (analogous to "Enter") when it is displayed in ventoy, insert the tilde symbol "~" into the text.
2. It is also now possible to transfer text in the "label" component.
Set the TIP_WIDTH parameter.
+ hbox{
    left = 2%
    top = 60%
    + label {text = "@VTOY_HOTKEY_TIP@" color = "white" align = "left" TIP_WIDTH = "38%"}

Screenshot of the result of item 1 and item2

3. "tip" can be added for the menu item set manually in the file "grub.cfg".
a) It is necessary to set "vt_tip_dir_id" any name, in the example "/message_1"
b) Add the "id" string to the submenu: "--id="DIR_" _VTIP_${ventoy_brower_tip}"
c) Set the "dir" parameter in the "menu_tip" plugin: "/message_1", the same as in paragraph a)

vt_tip_dir_id /message_1
submenu "  ventoy browser" --class iconFM --id="DIR_" _VTIP_${ventoy_brower_tip}{
        unset timeout
        set VTOY_MENU_TIP_ENABLE=0

Screenshot of the result of item 3


ventoy-mod_1.0.86-linux.tar.gz     ventoy-mod_1.0.86-livecd.iso

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