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 ubuntu iso's won't boot
I copies two ubuntu 22.10 iso's to the ventoy usb.
Neither will boot
Both say invalid magic number

I burned the same iso's to dvd and they boot without any problem.

What's the deal?
Can other ISO file boot OK? Have you ever boot some ISO file OK on the Ventoy USB?
Hi guys,
I've got similar problem when I try to boot isos with Ventoy 1.0.88 on Z690 Gaming X DDR4 mainboard. Every single iso (like arcolinuxl v23.02.02, elementaryos-7.0, EndeavourOS_Cassini_22.12, Partedmagic 2022.11.20 etc.) cannot be started. There is always error:

Quote:error: Can't alloc memory 60928
ventoy not ready
chain empty failed
press Enter to continue...

It doesn't matter if I choose "Boot in normal mode" or "Boot in grub2 mode".
The same usb stick and all the isos works just fine on other laptops or pc's with older chipsets.
(02-14-2023, 05:50 AM)longpanda Wrote: Can other ISO file boot OK?  Have you ever boot some ISO file OK on the Ventoy USB?
yes many other iso's boot ok, and the linux iso's boot if burned to dvd, just not when copied to ventoy

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