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 关于“引导”MacOS系统镜像的idea(an idea about “booting” MacOS image)
最近在试用了docker版MacOS(sickcodes/Docker-OSX)的 sickcodes/docker-osx:naked 之后,突然萌生了一个想法,既然 vtoyboot 可以制作可由物理机引导的 linux vdisk,那么是否可以将这个docker 中的系统迁移到 vdisk 中,再在物理机上去启动MacOS的系统镜像?

我理解的是,Docker-OSX 通过 qemu 以运行虚拟机的方式启动 MacOS 的img镜像。这样 MacOS 的镜像是动态大小的,而且系统可以通过直通的方式使用硬件。
那么通过ventoy引导一个精简的虚拟机系统(这 个/类 精简系统可以作为ventoy的插件),再分配所有硬件给要运行的虚拟机来启动镜像的方式,是否可行?


Recently, after trying out the docker version of MacOS (sickcodes/docker-OSX) -- sickcodes/docker-osx: naked , an idea suddenly arose. Since vtoyboot can make a linux vdisk that can be booted by a physical machine, can the system in this docker be migrate to the vdisk, and then start the system image of MacOS on the physical machine?

In my understanding, Docker-OSX uses qemu to start the img of MacOS by running virtual machine. In this way, the image of MacOS is of dynamic size, and the system can use hardware by passthrough.
So is it feasible to boot a thin virtual machine system (this kinds of thin systems can be used as a plug-in of ventory) with ventory, and then allocate all hardware to the virtual machine to start a target image?
I think the visible advantage is that it can temporarily be compatible with more image files, as long as the virtual machine is configured; Moreover, the virtual hard disk of the target system running in this way is of dynamic size, which can make more effective use of the hard disk space.

The above is what I take for granted. I hope I can throw a brick and draw a jade!

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