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 How can you make a Portable SSD Ventoy Secure
I really like the way Ventoy works.
Having all my iso's and apps on one portable ssd.
But I am Concerned about Loosing it.
If it falls into someone else hands all of your private data would be at risk.
Other Manufacturers have their own Proprietary Security Software for Situations like that.
But what about Ventoy.
Does anyone know if I can Add disk Security to a Portable Ventoy SSD Without Screwing up the Ventoy Process.
The Ventoy partition can not have disk security or Ventoy will not work.

Maybe you can reserve some space at the end of the disk when install Ventoy.
Create new partitions on the reserved space and put your private data in the new partitions and encrypt the new partitions.
For Ventoy partition, only put common ISO files in it.
Thanks longpanda , I'll look into that
Use Veracrypt, it creates an encrypted file, and when you use the program and put your password, it creates a "partition" related to the file you made and you can put your files without worrying about being stolen

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