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 Linux Mint 21.1 iso fails to complete boot up.
I added a fresh linuxmint-21.1-cinnamon-64bit.iso to my Ventoy 1.0.88 stick and although it appears in the menu list along with all my other files it fails to completely boot. I have tried normal and Grub 2 options and both seem to fail.

Upon selection I get the Mint Grub menu and it all starts OK but then hangs with either a blank screen or the green mint icon that usually appears part way through booting. This is on a laptop running the same version natively and the ISO burnt to USB drive in the traditional manner also works fine as do all my other images on the Ventot drive. (Leap, clonezilla, System Rescue etc).

I notice that at V21 (not 21.1) is shown as only tested on UEFI and I know Mint now assume UEFI for installs but it is still easily possible to install on non UEFI systems so I can't see why it wouldn't work under Ventoy given I have it working in other ways.
I have added linuxmint-21.1-cinnamon-64bit.iso to my Ventoy 1.0.88 stick too and it works perfectly
except that sometimes when I start Nemo, Cinnamon hang and restart in degraded mode with advice popup
Is your machine a UEFI boot device? Trying to work out if there is a hardware difference.
OK there is something weird going on with my laptop which may be the root of the issue and not Ventoy.

Had an odd issue requiring a rollback using Timeshift and that had booting issues. Then 21.1 on a stick wouldn't complete the boot in the same way as the ISO from Ventoy although it ran fine on the machine as an upgrade from a previous version. (21 ISO boots fine from Ventoy)

Looks to me like Mint has some install process issues to me. So sorry for the noise.
In case anyone else runs into this issue. It appears to be a problem with the Nouveau driver and the Optimus GT540 combination which may turn up with other ISO's.
So don't blame Ventoy.

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