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 Ventoy & Grub2FM Multiboot (With Original Files) (command line installing support)
With this script you will be able to use both multiboot builds together using the original Grub2FM and Ventoy files. 

Installing to USB or disks is enough for 1-2 clicks.


Any disk operation has certain risks. The script file tries to keep the existing data safe by notifying the user, but it is highly recommended to make a backup first for very important data.

In the first installation, if you do not install with the non-destructive installation option your USB/HDD disk will be completely formatted.
Both Ventoy and Grub2FM are secure boot compatible in efi mode.

In order to be able to use it with Secureboot turned on, the .cer file must be introduced into the BIOS on first use.

Regardless of whether Full installation or Non-Destructive Installation is chosen, the "Partition Structure" must be MBR. Ventoy and Grub2FM installed with MBR have UEFI support and also run smoothly on backwards old PCs.

If "Partition Structure" GPT is selected, Grub2FM will not be installed and the script will fail.

Update Process:
When new versions of Ventoy and Grub2FM are released:

After the Ventoy updated files are downloaded, the related files are copied to the Ventoy folder.

After the Grub2FM updated files are downloaded, the related files are copied to the Grub2FM folder.

By running the Grub2FM_Ventoy_EN.bat file with the 2nd option both multiboot builds can be easily updated.
Hotkey from Ventoy to Grub2FM: F6
Hotkey from Grub2FM to Ventoy: F5 > V

Ventoy is version v1.0.87.

Grub2FM is the Pre-Release version created on March 9, 2022.

If there are new versions of Ventoy and Grub2FM when you want to install, you have to change the installation files yourself.
Thanks to abbodi1406 and BAU of MyDigitallife for their help with coding, @By_FaRuK of TNCTR for their ideas and support, and @crasadure for the video narration.

Ventoy & Grub2FM Multiboot (With Original Files) Github Link:
abdullah-erturk/Ventoy-Grub2FM-Multiboot-With-Original-Files: Ventoy & Grub2FM Multiboot With Original Files (
Grub2FM Suite Trailer (Turkish Language) by crasadure from
Ventoy & Grub2FM MultiBoot Revision7 Installation Video
You should be careful when releasing your product, it may cause loss of user data by passing the wrong install drive order parameter.
Ventoy & Grub2fm Multiboot project has been updated again.

A small but important bug has been fixed.

Downloaders need to download it again.

Error for those wondering:

After the Ventoy formatted installation, the storage space of the disk was formatted as NTFS every time NTFS, FAT32, exFAT and UDF were selected. i fixed this error.
Why not just add the grubfm_multiarch.iso file to a ventoy drive?
(01-12-2023, 08:32 AM)Steve2926 Wrote: Why not just add the grubfm_multiarch.iso file to a ventoy drive?

I love using Ventoy and Grub2FM in this way and I put a lot of effort into preparing the script file and I'm sharing it with you.
At the same time, it is a practice for me to prepare the script file.
Anyone wanted can use it this way.  Rolleyes
Master @longpanda

If you improve the command line setup further I can make a script with options for Ventoy only.

If you include this script file in your project, users can also choose an alternative installation method with easy-to-use command line support.

Actually, all that needs to be done is to add command support for the Ventoy non-destructive installation process.

I can do all the other operations with the script file right now.
Hi @Longpanda

Thanks for the last update...

I will make a script file just for Ventoy as soon as possible.

After preparing the script file, we need to do a lot of tests, we do it with @crasadure.

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