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 vDisk Kubuntu secure boot.
Hi all. I have a lenovo legion 5 2021 laptop. I have installed ventoy on a hdd (gpt) with a secure boot. In my Uefi security boot is enabled. At the first start, I provided the enroll...cer file to Ventoy, and later Ventoy starts without problems, includes images(windows, Linux). I make virtual box vdi with kubuntu, everything is strictly according to the instructions. As a result, ventoy launches kubuntu only with the security boot turned off in my uefi, and with it turned on, an error pops up("you need to load kernel first").
Is it possible to run кubuntu with security boot enabled?
vDisk with secure boot normally has some problems, for example black screen when boot.
So by default vdisk doesn't support secure boot.
If you want you can try with secure boot on by  sudo sh -s
Thanks, but it didn't work.

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