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What's Package and what's Device?

I've been searching but can't find answers.

What's the difference between Ventoy in Package and Ventoy in Device?
What's Package and what's Device?
Why Package has exFAT/MBR and Device has exFAT/MBR (note that I already know what a filesystem and partition table is)?

If I understand Ventoy in Device is partition S: WORKSPACE, am I correct?
Is Ventoy in Package partition T: VTOYEFI ?

If so why Ventoy gui says exFAT and File Explorer says FAT as filesystem?
Ventoy in Device means the information in your USB stick.
1.0.85 means that your USB has installed with a Ventoy 1.0.85 version, and exFAT/MBR means when you installed, you choose exFAT filesystem and MBR partition style.

The exFAT/MBR in Package just means that you select exFAT/MBR now. If you choose NTFS in the menu, then it will show NTFS immediately, if you choose GPT then it will show GPT immediately.
It doesn't corresponding to any real partition. It just means that if you install Ventoy to an new USB stick now, it will use exFAT/MBR. You can change them anytime as you want before you start install.

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