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Solved Themes for different resolutions.
It is strange that 1024x768 is not supported. That is the standard resolution for most UEFI BIOSes that I know of.
Are you sure you have set the resolution in the UEFI menu page of ventoy.json and not just in the first page in VentoyPlugson?
If you press 'c' in Ventoy menu and then type videoinfo you can see what modes are supported.
set pager=1

Of course QEMU will give different results from a real system.
I do not use plugson to edit my Ventoy.json I edit it manually. Also I do not use multi mode so, one theme is set for all mode and I have kept fixed resolution in Ventoy.json to 1024 x 728

When you go to F5- Resolution
You get different resolution listed there. In my case it was only 800 x 600 and -1366 x 768 was listed in that menu.
I add resolution_fit option in theme plugin.
Try this CI release:

For more details about this option, you can refer:
@longpanda excellent. I was expecting exact solution. I tested it and works great.
but there is one more problem. Ventoy version info is also affected by resolution. But it is set by Ventoy. Json. So, we can not set different position in different themes.

Could you somehow make position changeable according to theme?
I add support for ventoy_left/ventoy_top/ventoy_color in theme.txt.
Try this CI release:

The configuration must be the first line in theme.txt and must be in the following format.
ventoy_left_top_color: "@5%@95%@#0000ff@"

The format is very strict:
1. ventoy_left_top_color must start with no space in front of.
2. left/top/color options must be around with 4 @

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Thanks. I'll test it as soon as I reach home.
@Longpanda The new CI Build Archive is corrupted. Something is wrong!
How about this CI release:
You can try latest 1.0.86
Works great. Thanks.

I would like to ask something. Is there any progress towards proper secure boot support?

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