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Aomei + Win To Go + Ventoy
On Aomei Partition Assistant, I can create a Windows To Go based on my current Windows system. I can then use a LinuxOS > Gnome Disks to create a disk image .IMG file from the WinToGo. Then I put that .IMG file into a Ventoy, but it does not fully boot. I have made my Ventoy a NTFS, not an exFat, which helped it boot farther, but it does not fully boot, even if I use it on the same PC that I created the WinToGo on.

There are many ways to make a WintoGo, I am only asking about how to use Ventoy to boot a WintoGo that has been created specifically by Aomei Partition Assistant. Thank you.
Why not use a VHD and add the Ventoy Win10 VHD plugin? Maybe you could rename the .img to .vhd
Please link me to an article that says an .img can be safely renamed to a .vhd(x). Most filetypes cannot be renamed. I am aware that some filetypes can be renamed, for example a word file .docx can be renamed into a .zip and opened because a .docx file is actually a .zip file to begin with. However, I don't think most filetypes can be renamed safely, so please link me to an article that says that. I am looking for a solution that is proven and stable.
img files and fixed vhd files have the same format except that in a fixed VHD file the last sector has VHD information which is probably not required by Ventoy VHD plugin.
It is a simple experiment to try - what is the problem? Why cant you just try it - it will do no harm? It will either work or not.

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