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i7 13700k issues

I own a Gigabyte Z790 AERO G + CPU Intel i7 13700k with 2x16Gb 6000MHz Kingston/Hynix Fury Renegade DDR5.

When I boot on Ventoy USB key, I see the menu (ISO files), I can choose one then select normal or wim mode boot.

At the moment, the pc hangs, (on the screen, no change). 

The only way, to resolve this, is to press reset button.

Could you help me, please?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Nicolas (french guy)

Note: With Rufus, I made a bootable usb key (with the iso file) and Windows is installed.
Run MemTest86 on it. And make sure it completes multiple passes without errors.
Try different ISO files (Windows/Ubuntu/Fedora ...)
Hi everyone Wink

Thanks for your answers

Weird thing! I tried text mode and It works!
and now, in graphic mode, works like a charm too!
I made no other change (same usbkey, same isos)

Sorry for the inconvenience

Have a nice day

Best regards,

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