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【Solved】Peux Linux not booting from Ventoy
I thought I would give Peux KDE another look only to find that it now doesn't finish booting the image it gets so far and I get dumped to a command line. I just wiped my flash drive and burned Peux directly to it and it booted into the live environment just fine. Please update Ventoy to handle Peux without issue. Thanks

[Image: ARdhSK3.jpg]
I should add that this was booting on Ventoy just fine, Ventoy has updated twice since I last booted Peux off of it and was able to get into Peux's live desktop, and install Puex to my SSD.
From which version it can not boot Peux anymore?
1.0.84 it looks like, but might be as old as 1.0.82. I'll redo the Ventoy key with 1.0.84 and let you know what I get.

OK just rebuilt the USb key with Ventoy 1.0.84 and I got the same thing with Peux not booting into the live environment.
Try this CI release:
(12-13-2022, 08:43 AM)longpanda Wrote: Try this CI release:
Just downloaded, update my key, rebooted into Ventoy, chose Peux, and booted into it's live environment without issue. Thanks, greatly appreciated. I know I've said it before but it bears repeating that Ventoy is truly great app. Thanks again.

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