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Is it possible to use Ventoy on a hard disk >2TB ?
I always have a mobile hard drive in my luggage when I travel. It contains the most common tools that I may need on a foreign computer: Rescue systems, Windows iso-files, backup system etc.. 
At some point, of course, I replaced the previously used hard disk with a newer one, the new disk has 4TB. And there is my problem: Ventoy always formats the disk in MBR partition style. But that only allows the use of a total of 2TB. Of course you could convert the partition table with various partitioning tools also in GPT to be able to use the full 4TB...but with that Ventoy no longer boots.
Is there a way to use Ventoy on larger disks ?
There is an option to choose  MBR/GPT partition style when you install Ventoy. 
See the attachment photo.

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